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, richmond would become the country's first city to impose such a tax on businesses. the town hall meeting starts at 7:00 at bethlehem hem missionary baptist church in richmond. >> 6:25. >>> a big celebration in san francisco civic center last night. thousands gather to watch the giants win the world series. [ cheering ] the chain was flowing out -- champagne were flowing out there although fans were not supposed to have alcohol in the plaza. mayor lee wanted to give families chance to cheer on the giants together. >> i knew it was going to happen. you know, it was already written, and the giants, they came through with flying colors. number one, baby! number one! [ cheering ] >> this is not the first time fans have been invite to the civic center plaza. more than 7,000 fans were there to watch the giants win the world series in 2010. >>> now, the city of san francisco's preparing a victory parade for the giants this wednesday, halloween. just like in 2010, the ticker- tape parade will start at the foot of market street at 11:00 a.m. and go down market street to civic center plaza. >>> a
are going to visit the city. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge has more on the big changes transit agencies are making to accommodate the crowds. first let's check in with tara moriarty who is is in the city with a look at what the city is doing to prepare for the streets that will be jammed. >> reporter: we are here along the embarcadero. this is where the official store for the america's cup is. there are going to be quarter finals today and then more racing this weekend. expected to draw 40,000 people to the bay. it's one of many events happening this weekend. every member of the police force will be out. this will be closing -- they will be closing one northbound lane along the embarcadero between the ferry building and bay street to allow emergency vehicles access. city leaders say it's a practice run for the big america's cup event next year where more than three million people are expected to attend. also on tap the u.s. navy blue angels will be flying overhead. they will be practicing today. you might catch a glimpse. their shows will be on saturday and sunday of course. no
francisco's first target store. it's the city target. it's going to be right here. it is right here on the second floor of the metreon. this is a new type of scale down target. 98,000 square foot store. 25% smaller than most of the target stores you are used to. last night mayor ed lee was here for a ribbon cutting for the new store. it's being billed as a target with a urban twist. target essentially expects that people will come here to buy fewer items but will make more frequent trips to stores like this one. again the doors opening shortly at 7:00 this morning. we are here. we haven't seen much of a line. but the doors open shortly. this is the soft opening. the official grand opening is this sunday. live this morning in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >>> all right time is 6:49. fortunately -- unfortunately if you are just joining us there is a big problem on the bay bridge. >> there is an accident that just cleared. the flashing lights are gone. the lanes have reopened. but the damage is done. it was an injury crash that blocked two lanes. including a motorcycl
. occupy protestors threatened to reoccupy the area around city hall. brian flores is in oakland with the rally marking the first anniversary of the big police raid. >> reporter: good morning. first off stark contrast in what we saw last year at occupy oakland in terms of last night. there are still reminders of what happened last night. there are still signs. there is some graffiti on sidewalks and walls. we talked about some businesses yesterday that took some precautions before the march. you can see the chase bank behind me still has boarded up windows. as we roll the video of what happened last night. about 175 protestors gathered peacefully starting yesterday afternoon and into the evening. there was a vigil and martha went from city hall 20 lake merit to china town and back to the plaza. there was a large police presence here last night. one protestor tossed a rock that hit an officer in the chest. that officer was not hurt and a second person was arrested for about instructing an -- obstructing an officer in a narcotics possession. there was a call from occupy oakland as
to get the team back on track after they lost the first two games of the division series in san francisco. the giants need to win three games in a row in cincinnati, that city to stay alive. >> i like that better. >> all right, sal, how is traffic? >> well, it is doing okay but it is a little bit crowded. let's take a look at some of these pictures. remember that game, where we talked about the as game. bay bridge toll plaza, that is backed up beyond the 880 crossing and still some traffic approaching fso although they have cleared the road work and it should be getting better hopefully soon. steve? >>> temperatures are little bit chilly for some, we have an overall system trying move in with showers and i just done think they will make it -- i just don't think they will make it. santa cruz coastline seems to be falling apart and it doesn't have enough on the eastern edge of it. if the entire system were to move over to the bay area, out ahead of that yes. it is 60s at fso. it gives us a southwest wind. it is mild on the coast and for others inland it is cold. fog sun breezy, showers near
colorado and wisconsin. but first he continues the focus on the response to hurricane sandy and in about three hours he will be traveling to atlantic city. he will be touring the storms with republican governor chris christie. he is causing some angst for the president's handling of the crisis. >> he has been outstanding dealing with this. >> now on the presidential race, it is difficult to forecast but mitt romney resumes campaigning and he is taking some heat for a primary debate, he would turn the disaster management over to the states. he would not eliminate the federal management agency. they have been suspended over the last few days and there are some questions about the state of the presidential race and some other polls are showing they are holding onto a 5 point lead in ohio and he is up by 1 point in florida. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> and on another note, the white house canceled this year's halloween celebration because they will be touring the damage in new jersey and usually the first family invites a lot of children to go trick or treating to a very e
of open space and many people should be impressed with the design. >>> the city of san francisco will try something new on election night. they will release rank choice voting and under that system if no candidate received a majority of first place votes, the last place candidates will be eliminated. they will wait for several days to run tab ulises which shed allow it to vote in a tiny race. >>> we are talking about a bay bridge westbound. remember last week, now there is traffic if you can look traffic is almost at a standstill because of an injury crash near the s-curve and we want to let you know, coming to the toll plaza, it's going to be much slower than it normally is. after last week, you are kind of used to it and you may want to speed up your routine or if you are lucky enough to take bart, you may want to think about that as well. >> let's move along and take a look at 880 getting to the westbound bay bridge and 880 looks good heading down there just a little bit of slowed traffic. highway 1101, again this was a crash on the bay bridge. the fog will burn off and some areas have
in the first weekend. hotel transylvania slipped to second. pitch perfect, blooper, round out the top five. san francisco's long awaited target store will be open. the grand opening is this sunday october 14th. city target is one of eight urban style stores planned across the country. it's smaller than the other targets. the new one in san francisco takes up the entire second floor of the metreon. >>> the bay area's two baseball teams are on the brink of elimination in the playoffs. the tough feat each team must now accomplish in order to stay alive. >>> they claim to be high-tech alternatives to taxis but now they are under investigation. why the state says they could be putting passengers at risk. >>> welcome to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. taking a look at the big board. dagobas down about -- dow jones down about 40 points. they are following suit after europe and asia was hit hard. >>> state regulators are cracking down on two companies that claim to be a -- the california public utilities commission issued an order against side car and lift. they lack the required permits that make sur
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8